Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well, I am off to India for two weeks of ministry. I have the wonderful opportunity to teach Indian leaders from the great city of New Delhi, to the rural regions of Kachhwa, to the southern environs of Bangalore. I really do consider it a great honor to be given such an opportunity. In many ways these leaders are my heroes. The are willing to minister for Christ at great personal cost. I will be traveling with my dear friend and Paul Tripp Ministries colleague, Malcolm Osborn.

I was thinking this morning about the long journey that is ahead of us, landing us in a culture so fundamentally different from our own and I was filled with a sense of the power and glory of God. Why, you may ask? Because it hit me that I did not choose where I would be born on this planet on which we live. Yet, as I travel from the little spot on the globe where I live and arrive in India at the little spot on the globe where others live, I will still be in a spot that is ruled by the same God! And I will be ministering to people who are just as much his children as I am and who are just as aware of his presence as I am right here, right now!

This got me thinking of how many important things in our life, we didn't choose.

- You did not choose the family you were born into.
- You did not choose the period of history you would live in.
- You did not choose the world events that would take place around you.
- You did not control the progress of science and knowledge, but you have benefited from both.
- You did not create the technology that has made your life easier and more comfortable.
- You did not choose what street you would grow up on.
- You did not chose what childhood school you would attend.
- You did not choose how healthy your body would be.
- You did not choose who your parents and siblings would be.
- You did not chose who would be your neighbor, your mayor, your president.
- You did not choose what the economic conditions would be around you.
- You did not choose how safe your environment would be.
- You did not choose how early you would be exposed to truth.
- You did not choose whether you would live in the first world or the third world.
- You did not choose what language you would grow up speaking.
- You did not choose what culture would shape your view of life.

When you really begin to access the sum total of your life, you can only end up with one conclusion. Here it is - God is great! He is awesome in his wisdom, power, and glory. His magnificence reaches beyond the most descriptive and poetic ability of human language. His glory lives way beyond the boundaries of the human intellect to reason. But there is something else to be said. Pay careful attention here. He is great and we are not. We are all tempted to buy into the delusion of our own greatness and our own sovereignty. We really like to think that we are in more control of more things than we actually are. And why do we do this? Because we are terrified of the dependent danger of humble faith. We find it very hard to put ourselves in the hands of Another. So what do we do? It is an awful thing. We exaggerate our greatness and we minimize the Lord's. We take credit for what we did not produce and we fail to give him credit for what has come from his hands. All of this works to make us more comfortable with a dangerous and delusional self-reliance.

So, I am thankful for the trip to India. Not just because I get to minister and to serve, but also because it forces me to be reminded once again of how small I actually am and how glorious God continues to be. This trip invites me to recognize Glory and rest. How about resting with me?

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May the Lord of it all be your Lord of rest!


At 5:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am in Fukuoka, Japan, visiting for several days - I work for Toyota. Amazing, I can sign on and listen to my favorite preacher - Paul Tripp! This is Amazing and when I return to US, I will send donation to support your ministry. You have no idea how much your ministry means to me - your humility because you seem to see your identity with Christ vs. being 'puffed up with knowledge.' Someday, my wife & I hope to share our story with you and how you have helped for Jesus Christ to make a difference in our lives. We love you!

Now, I am praying that I might be a witness to the Japanese people from Toyota that I work with. Humanly speaking, they are such wonderful people, but alas, in the end, they too will die. I am praying that God allow me to be a witness of His to these lost Budhist members of the human race.

God Bless You.

At 11:44 PM, Blogger Matthew Paul Buccheri said...

You're too, too much Paul! No wonder I love ya! Shout at me when you return. Pax.

At 8:58 PM, Blogger Cheryl Scruggs said...

Thanks for allowing God to use you in changing lives!!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Cheryl Scruggs

At 9:35 AM, Blogger paul mitchell said...

Paul, you are a presious brother in Christ. From your earliest days with the Gospel rock band in Scranton, to your ministry with Westminster, God is using you to minister the riches of Christ. You are a blessing! Diane and I rejoice to see the new direction of your life and pray for God's blessing on you and your family!

Paul and Diane Mitchell

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