Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It Won't Wear Out

Have you noticed that everything in your life wears out? The sweater that you loved so much and wore winter after winter, is now stuffed in the bottom drawer of your dresser, threadbare, unused, and unwanted. The car that excited you so and that even smelled new, is now just a car, with scratches and squeaks to prove it. The stain-resistant carpet ended up not being so stain-resistant after all. The list could go on and on, but the point is, that this side of heaven, everything in your life wears out somehow, someway. In fact, even you wear out. Your body grows old, weak, and tired. You joints hurt because they are wearing out from all the stress of exercise over the many years of your life.

It's something you and I are used to. So we are happy when a car or an appliance lasts for ten years before it wears out. We are all quite accustomed to living in a world where things simply do not last.

But, if you are one of God's children, there is something in your life that will not wear out. In fact, it has the amazing capacity to be new day after day after day. Scripture says that God's mercies are "New every morning." Now, you know you need mercy, because you know you need forgiveness and help. Almost everyday you mess up in some way. Almost everyday you face things that are bigger than the size of your personal wisdom and strength. You and I constantly need the mercy of forgiveness and the mercy of enablement. And so, it is very encouraging to know that God's mercy is new every day! God's mercy never grows stale and it never loses it's transforming power. God's mercy is brand new morning after morning after morning.

This also means that God's mercy is form-fit for the problems that you are facing right here, right now. Each morning you are given new mercies for the particular things that you will face that day.

So, you can wake up tomorrow with courage and hope. And you can do this, not because of your strength and wisdom, but because you know that the most important thing you have ever been given will never wear out. You can also have hope because you know that the God who has given that new mercy, knows exactly what you are about to face.


At 8:55 AM, Blogger Debbie said...

Paul -

Thank you for your fantastic new show! I love it. It seems to always have the right message at the right time. It all fits together so well. The blog "It Won't Wear Out" is appropriate for this past election day. For those of us who worked so hard on the campaigns, we feel worn out! And the results were not commensurate with the amount of effort that we put forth, which can be disheartening. BUT, because of Jesus and the fact that we know the Lord has a plan and a purpose for everything - this is a new day! We can see where we are weak and with renewed zeal, we can focus on those areas in which our nation needs to be bolstered. This is a great opportunity rather than a defeat. Only because of God's love that won't wear out, we push forward. And for that I am grateful. God bless you and your ministry team. Debbie

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