Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's Raining

Outside, the rain is pouring down. I've looked out the window for sightings of cats and dogs, but only seen raindrops! We tend to not like rain very much. It gets in the way of our obsession with comfort. Rain gets in the way of the comfort of a dry day. Rain gets in the way of the comfort of nicely coiffed hair. Rain gets in the way of dry shoes and pressed clothes. It makes outdoor entertainment and activities difficult.

Few of us look out the window on a raining day and say, "What a great day!" But that's exactly what God's people in the Old Testament did. When you are living in desert-like places a rainy day is a good day. So, in the Bible rain is often used as a metaphor for blessing. The Bible talks about blessings raining down on us. Perhaps there's a connection between the way we tend to respond to rain and the way we tend to respond to blessing.

God blesses us in surprising ways, ways that don't always seem like blessing to us. He sends the rain of difficulty, not because he doesn't love us, but because he does, and he is calling out beyond ourselves to find new and deeper hope in him. He sends the rain of an honest friend to confront us with the need for growth, because he wants to bless us with maturity. He sends the rain of failure, so that we will get our identity from him and not from our acheivement. He sends the rain of want, so that we will grow in faith and courage. All of these things are blessings of his love, but we tend to not see them as blessings. In fact, in the moments when we are experiencing these things we often are tempted to question God's love.

How about looking out your window and thanking God for the rain. And how about asking him to give you eyes to see the surprising blessings he will rain down on you because he loves you.

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May God rain his blessings on you until you are soppy wet!


At 8:29 PM, Blogger Charles J. Paul said...

This was a great way to look at lifes ups and downs, I am going through a down pour of rain in my church at this time. This artical was a great way to help me see what each drop that is falling on me may in fact be telling me.

Great Job

At 10:07 PM, Anonymous t said...

How wonderful it is to understand more about the Scriptures-in knowing that sometimes understanding the context--even the climate--helps one to grasp the deeper meaning. Thank you for the insight.

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