Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Psalm 27: Two Words You Never Want to Hear

"Do not turn your servant away in anger." (v.9b)

It is such a comfort
to me,
such a source
of hope
and strength
and daily joy.
It gives me reason
to get up in the morning
and to press on
when I am discouraged
and weak
and lonely
and afraid.
It gives me reason
to face with courage
the struggles within
and the difficulties without.
It reminds me
that I can stand
before you
as I am,
completely unafraid
and ask of you
what I have asked before
and will ask again,
Your forgiveness
and Your help.
What gives me this
What offers me this
It is this one thing.
I know for certain
that there are
two words
that I'll never hear.
I know that You will never
look me in the eye
and say to me,
"Go away!"
You will not send me
from your presence.
You will not drive me
from your grace.
You will not separate me
from your glory.
You will not eliminate me
from your promises.
You will never
send me away.
Because your anger
was borne by Another.
Because my separation
was carried by Him.
Because He was
sent away,
I will never be.
So, in weakness,
and sin,
I stand before you once more
with courage,
and joy,
because I know
that in all the
dark things that
may be whispered to me
in this dark and fallen world
there are two words I will never hear.
And so with gratitude and joy
I get up to face the day
but as I do, I do it
without fear.


At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul, Did you come to this truth as I did? Did you experience being told "Go away" so many times in so many ways that the only one who didn't and wouldn't and couldn't was our Heavenly Father?

Did you experience, as King David did, the pain of those you once worshipped with being completely alien to your pain, your reality: Aloof to your sore? Did you experience even those Undershepherds who moved long since onto the National and World Stage; once an intricate part of your life during their learning: In their own silence and their distance whisper " Go Away " that deafeningly echoes in your mind still, umpon remembrance? Those who got word of you but never thought to look behind the rumors or stories to the source and the soul they once said they loved and watched over and say simply, I'm still here. I still care? Did that happen to you? Did one day as you were browsing the internet did you come upon a Blog and a poem by a distant once-familiar Voice to remind you, indeed, though I myself may be the only one who knows and believes that about myself amongst my former long lost Christian family; that still and all, the Christ who met me once long ago in the woods of northeast America, still does not say " Go Away" even when everyone else did.

Is that how you learned this truth, Paul? It's how I did. Again and again. The Lord Jesus Christ: still my undeseved and unspeakable Gift who never said "Go Away" Thank you, brother, for the reminder. Forgive me, brother, my resentment.

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