Saturday, April 07, 2007

Psalm 51: Aren't You Glad You're Not Like David?

Aren't you glad you're not like David,
Such blazoned sin, how could he?
Aren't you glad you're not like Saul,
Making up his own rules, what was he thinking?
Aren't you glad you're not like Cain,
Violence against his own brother?
Aren't you glad you're not like Rebekah,
Such planned deceit?
Aren't you glad you're not like the Israelites,
So easily seduced by idols?
Aren't you glad you're not like Absalom,
How could he be so jealous?
Aren't you glad you're not like Elijah,
How could he forget God, be so depressed?
Aren't you glad you're not like Nebuchadnezzar,
How could he be so obsessed with power?
Aren't you glad you're not like Samson,
How could he be so easily deceived?
Aren't you glad you're not like Jonah,
How could he run from the Father's call?
Aren't you glad you're not like the Pharisees,
So religiously right, yet spiritually wrong?
Aren't you glad you're not like Judas,
Selling the Messiah for a little bit of silver?
Aren't you glad you're not like the Corinthians,
So much better at division than at serving the Lord?
But wait.
You are like them, and so am I.
There is simply no denying it.
Their stories are a mirror into which we see ourselves.
We too are jealous and easily deceived.
We too are proud and obsessed with power.
We are better at division while we run from God.
We too get angry and get seduced by idols.
In sorrow we must say,
We stand with David,
And Saul,
And Rebekah,
And Jonah,
And Elijah,
And the rest.
These stories are for us to look into and see us,
so that we are not able,
to buy into,
the lie of our own righteousness.
But instead,
Run to His mercy,
Hold onto His unfailing love,
and finally rest,
In His great compassion.
Aren't you glad you can step out of the darkness of self-deceit,
and admit who you are?


At 4:24 PM, Blogger Doug said...

Right on the mark. For me, it seems like when I was young, sin was defined as an act. But the older I get, the more I see the wickedness of my heart. I'm not getting better. I may act better, speak kinder, feel more compassionate, and desire to serve the Lord more passionately. I dress nicely for church and act proper. But still...sin isn't an act. And acting good doesn't make us less sinful.

Fortunately, what we see in the lives of these people allows one to better appreciate the awesomeness of God's grace and mercy.

At 2:48 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Thank you for this reminder that the personalities of the Bible, when we see them as they are, all drive us to the one true hero in the story of redemption, Jesus. This calls us away from the "Be like Moses, David, Elijah, Paul..." mentality, and reminds us that we, like them, have only one hope--the redeeming grace of God in Christ.

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