Monday, November 12, 2007

Psalm 27: The Rejection of Rejection

"For my father and mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me up." (v.10)

impossible to conceive.
The Trinity
torn asunder.
The Son
wrenched from his Father.
Salvation realized.
I am
the liar.
I am
the thief.
I am
the gossip.
I am
the rebel.
I have wanted
my own way
my own time
my appointed place.
I have rebelled
against your law
and I have
set up my own.
I deny
your kingship
while building
a kingdom of my own.
I think
my wisdom
is wiser than you.
I think
my plan
is better than yours.
I crave
the sovereignty
that only you should have.
But you did
the inconceivable
you accomplished
the undoable.
You stood
in my place
and you satisfied
God's wrath.
in the process,
the Three in One
was torn in two.
In the process,
The Father
did the most painful thing
that has ever been done.
He turned his back
on You.
You withstood
this pain
so that I would never have to.
You took my
so that I would only ever have
So, I can
rest assured,
I can
live in hope,
I can
enjoy true peace,
Because I know
that you are always with me
For long ago
on the cross
your rejection
was for me
the final rejection of rejection.